Why Parents Should, Take Charge!

Over the last two decades, the traditional treatment solution of choice has been to medicate millions of children that are grappling with  learning, behavior or mood problems.  It is now evident that this medication-driven, one-size-fits-all treatment approach is proving to be ineffective in actually healing children and has certainly not been able to prevent or stop this growing epidemic.

Parents, Take Charge! is a drug-free treatment option for parents who want to find a way to finally put an end to the challenges their children are struggling with.  It is for parents who either don’t want to give their children medication or who want to wean them off their medication for  anxiety,  ADD, ADHD, OCD, defiance, bullying,  moodiness, underachievement, low motivation, meltdowns, depression, Tourettes, Aspergers, Autism, allergies,  eczema,  asthma …and more.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman’s two treatment programs – The 3-Step Program and the NeuroParenting Program were developed to empower parents everywhere with the skills, knowledge, strategies that will enable them to heal their children’s learning, behavior and mood problems – permanently – and without medication.

By working with Dr Gluckman, parents learn:
1.  A new way of understanding why the child has these symptoms.
2.  How to heal your child’s symptoms by finding and treating the real underlying root causes.
3.  New parenting skills for preventing these problems, for early detection and for parenting and raising children with these problems. 

The Parents, Take Charge!  3-Step Treatment Program

Dr. Gluckman will guide you methodically through 3-steps:
1.  FIND IT         –  how find the underlying, root causes of your child’s specific problems.
2.  FIX IT            -  how to treat and remove these causes.
3.  FIRE IT UP   – how to  ensure your child’s symptoms do not return.

The 3-Step Program answers the questions: Why are these particular symptoms happening at this particular time, to my particular child – and how do I heal these symptoms permanently without the use of medication?

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The Parents, Take CHARGE!  NeuroParenting Program

The parent-child relationship has the power to heal your child’s symptoms – or to trigger and aggravate these symptoms.   NeuroParenting is a tool box of  parenting skills that will stimulate your children’s healthy chemistry so that they can learn easily, feel good, behave positively and be healthy.

The NeuroParenting Program gives parents the tools to be a skilled and vital part of the child’s healing process through the way they communicate and engage with their children on a daily basis.

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The Parents, Take Charge! Programs are grounded in the latest neuroscientific research.
  Dr Gluckman has a PhD in Whole Brain Education

Dr. Sandy  Gluckman is a Health and Behavior Practitioner, author, educator, speaker and founder of Parents, Take Charge!  Her Parents, Take Charge! and Teachers, Take Charge!  programs have attained international acclaim for changing the way parents and teachers help children overcome their learning, mood and behavior challenges

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