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Every symptom has a Story

How to Make Your Kids’ Symptoms Go Away. 3 Things Parents Must Do

Every symptom, no matter what it may be, tells a story. There isn’t a symptom that doesn’t have a story behind it. This means that in order to successfully treat and remove a symptom, you need to first know the full story that led to the symptom. And although two people can have the same […]

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Who Am I? Does your Teenager know the Answer to this question?

Fifteen year old Marty sauntered into my consulting room, looked around disdainfully, mumbled a greeting as he looked sideways at me and then slumped onto the coach. At their initial visit with me, mom and dad described Marty as being always angry and oppositional. They were concerned that he is aggressive and unkind to his […]

Invitation to a FREE webinar

Hello Everyone Happy Thanksgiving! I give grateful thanks to each one of you, wherever you may be, for letting me share Parents Take Charge with you! May this Thanksgiving Day be a blessed and special one for you all. I would like to invite you to a FREE webinar I am presenting – Dr. Sandy’s […]


Gifts from a Broken Bone. Lesson 3

Welcome to the third and final lesson in my series, Gifts from a Broken Bone.  It is six weeks since I broke my foot, six long weeks, during which so many of the daily tasks I would normally do so quickly and easily, took much longer to do.  I think I mentioned in a previous […]


Gifts from a Broken Bone. Lesson 2

Hello and welcome to Lesson 2 from my series, Gifts from a Broken Bone.  Like all the lessons I am learning from my broken foot, this is a challenging one.  So here goes…  After my surgery the doctor recommended that I could use a knee scooter as a way of getting around. I thought this […]