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How Diana and Mike Became Healing Parents

Many of you have been watching the two FREE videos I have made available and today I want to tell you a story that brings these videos to life. The story is about Diana and Mike and their 7 year old son Daniel (names changed). Daniel is extremely negative about everything. He has been this […]

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Two Mistakes that Parents May Unknowingly be Making

I am faced with a huge challenge.  But before I tell you about my challenge let me tell you about my professional goal and then you will understand why I have this challenge. Literally millions of parents around the globe are watching their children struggle with some form of learning or behavior problem and wishing […]

autism-friendly cookbook

Autism Cookbook for Summer: Tasty Treats You Will All Enjoy

Read our Autism Cookbook for Summer One of the common trends in people with autism is picky eating. In fact, according to Autism Speaks, people with autism are “five times more likely to have mealtime challenges such as narrow food selections, ritualistic eating behaviors… and meal-related tantrums.” This sensitivity to food can create complications when […]

autism-friendly fourth of july

Autism-Friendly Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time for most Americans, celebrating independence and the birth of our nation with friends, good food, and fireworks. Unfortunately, there are many Americans that also face unique challenges during this holiday. People suffering from sensory issues and autism often report that July 4th is a difficult day, filled with sudden sounds […]

Gratitude is healing

My Gift to You

Today I come to you from a place of great gratitude. You have all been such loyal and committed readers of my blogs and have sent me such heartwarming emails about the successes you are having with my tools.  This means so much to me and I would like to give you all a gift […]