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How to get off the Stress Merry Go Round in 9 Minutes

Stress is a truly terrible condition.  It eats away at our spirit, body and brain.  It is the trigger for literally every emotional, physical or mental problem we may have.  I must believe that, given the choice, every one of us would be glad to remove the thing that is causing us to feel emotionally […]

Vishen Lakhiani

What we Appreciate, Appreciates. 3 Great Tools

On one of my internet searches I stumbled upon MindValley, an amazing company founded by a fascinating Malaysian-born entrepreneur, Vishen Lakhiani. In a remarkably short period of time his company has become the world’s largest online publishers of leading-edge education on meditation, alternative health, and entrepreneurship. Every day I receive an email from Vishen, with either […]


Mommy, Daddy, Are you Happy? How to be truly happy.

Angela (not her real name) is 7 years old. She is an extremely bright little girl with a sharp mind that is hyper-tuned-in to everything around her. Angela’s ability to express how she feels and to ask pointed, penetrating questions, is unusual for a 7-year old. The challenge that Angela and her parents have is […]

angry face girl (2)

What if Naughtiness is Anxiety? How to deal with this.

The next time your child behaves in ways you would describe as being ‘naughty,’ instead of seeing this as willful or bad behavior, consider the possibility that your child is actually feeling anxious.  In many cases when a child, of any age, including teenagers, feels anxious, they may not have the skills to cope with […]

auschwitz concentration camp

Honoring My Departed Family

Yesterday was the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  I never knew my grandmother, grandfather and three aunts who perished in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Since I was a little girl I have always wished I could have known them.  Every time my mom, the only survivor in the family, spoke to me about […]