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How to Fix Common Parenting Mistakes Made By Parents of Overachievers

How to Fix Common Mistakes Made By Parents of Overachievers

One wish that every parent around the globe has for their child is that he or she should be able to achieve in life.  All parents love to speak with great pride about their children’s outstanding grades, their sports or their artistic accomplishments.  And of course, children love the feeling it gives them when they […]

6 Scary Facts You Should Know About the ADD epidemic

6 Scary Facts You Should Know About the ADD/ADHD Epidemic

A few days ago a client copied me on an email she had sent to a friend.  She was telling her friend about the work I do and described me as ‘a campaigner against over medicating kids with prescription drugs.’  So I would like to set the record straight.  Yes it is true – I […]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency: Should Your Vitamin D Levels Be Tested?

Did you know that Vit­a­min D is not a Vitamin?  It is actually a hormone that we make on our skin from sun exposure.  It is important to know that it is a hormone because this tells us that, exactly like other hormones, having Vitamin D in the right balance is essential for our bodies and […]

Live is indeed for living

4 Easy Steps to Help You Make Healthy Choices

There I was, a few weeks ago, having this conversation in my head between the part of me that makes good choices and the part of me that doesn’t.  The, I don’t want to make a good choice side of me wanted to eat a scrumptious-looking 5-grain bagel that was not gluten-free. Now let me […]

Child spirit

Making back to School an Exciting Event

If I had a magic wand I would wish that all children of all ages go back to school with a happy heart and a thriving spirit.  Going from lazy days and late nights, where there is little pressure and the goal is to have a much fun as possible, back to the structure and […]

Supplements and food

The Detox Summit – Dr. Martha Herbert

I just listened to a really excellent interview with Dr Martha Herbert on the Detox Summit.  http://thedetoxsummit.com/martha-herbert-md-phd/   Dr Herbert is an amazing forward thinking leader in the field of autism.  She is my hero when it comes to cutting edge work on Autism and general brain health.  I know that not everyone has the time […]

healthcare practitioners

Are You Treating Your Child’s Symptoms or the Underlying Causes?

No matter whether the child is 2 or 22 years old, there is just one key message I tell all parents and all teachers … Treat the underlying causes.  Don’t treat the symptoms. Traditionally, physicians are not questioning why the wonderful boy or girl in their consulting room is presenting with their particular symptoms.  In […]

Parent-Child Connection

Is Time-out Good or Bad for the Child?

Time–out was originally recommended as a better alternative to spanking kids when parents needed to discipline them.  The idea behind this kind of punishment was that the child would not enjoy being in time-out and would, therefore, soon learn not to repeat the bad behavior.  In actual fact this is not true. Fast forward to […]

teen breaking up over a text message

Is your Teenager’s Online Behavior Normal or Excessive?

This week, I received a call from the mom of a teenager expressing her concern about her son’s ‘total obsession with his online communication and social media’.  ‘It’s like he is actually addicted’, she told me.  “It is difficult to have a conversation with him anymore; his whole world revolves around his smartphone screen.  How […]