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You have this Chemical Magic. Do you use it?

Did you know that the very first thing you do as you awaken each morning can make the difference between having an amazing day or a bad day?  So how would I define ‘an amazing day’?  For me that would be a day in which your mood is light and cheerful, your energy is high, […]

Are You a Stress Addict? 4 Ways to Cure Yourself.

It seems to me that living with stress may become just a way of life for many of us.  We know that it is really bad for us and we say that we would really, really love to stop being stressed.  Yet we continue to do what we have always done, hoping that somehow it […]

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Does Your Child Need Omega-3?

The fundamental principle of my work is that spirit, body and brain function as one system and should be diagnosed and treated as ONE.  You may also know that I firmly believe (supported by much research) that stress is the trigger for all learning, behavior and mood problems. The stress begins in the spirit first […]

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Are You a Parent Faced with This Vital Decision: To Medicate or Not Medicate Your Child?

The use of prescribed medication for kids with learning, behavior and mood problems is a highly contentious issue and one that causes parents, healthcare practitioners and educators to have heated disagreements.  I am opposed to medication as the first line of treatment.  I strongly advocate using medication as a last resort and not the automatic […]

How to Fix Common Parenting Mistakes Made By Parents of Overachievers

How to Fix Common Mistakes Made By Parents of Overachievers

One wish that every parent around the globe has for their child is that he or she should be able to achieve in life.  All parents love to speak with great pride about their children’s outstanding grades, their sports or their artistic accomplishments.  And of course, children love the feeling it gives them when they […]