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What All Moms Need To Ask For and Be Sure To Get.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon lets talk about what moms need in order to feel happy, special and whole – not only on Mother’s Day but every day, all year round.  Let’s agree on one thing – Moms you are the most amazing beings!  Quite often though all the things you do to make […]


Become a Healing Parent

Join me in Testing a New Program:  Become a Healing Parent I have been doing some informal research in my practice for many years to discover why is it that some children are able to overcome their learning or behavior problems and others are not.  One of the many things I discovered is that those […]

Regrets of dying

2 Ways to Make the Kind of Choices you will Never Regret.

I want to share something I read that really hit home for me. It is from a book titled ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying written by Bronnie Ware. Bronnie spent several years caring for dying people in their homes in the last 3 – 12 weeks of their lives. She describes how, “Some […]

Child Within

Be the Change you’d like to see in Your Child. Parent Like a Dolphin.

Every time I work with a child I know in my head and my heart that there is a healthy, emotionally balanced, uniquely talented, smart and happy boy or girl struggling to burst free. I see children caught in the grip of ‘stuff’ happening inside of themselves that is beyond their control.  I see children […]