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Parent stress

Your Stress is Contagious. How to Avoid Infecting your Kids

You are a loving, thoughtful and responsible mom or dad. You totally adore your kids! They are your life! There is nothing you would not do to keep them safe and happy. So you are rushing around trying to get all the stuff on your To Do list done. You’re watching the clock because the […]


Why Children with Medicated Spirits Make Me Cry

The other day I received an email from a father whose 7-year-old son had come off the medication he had been prescribed for what the healthcare practitioner had diagnosed as ADD.   The father’s words made me cry.  He wrote:  My son’s spirit is free and playful again. I cried tears of joy and relief for […]

Your Inner Child

‘How do you parent yourself?’ Your answer affects your children.

“What kind of parent are you to yourself”?  It may seem like an unusual question to ask you but it is a vitally important one.  As adults we all have what has come to be known as an inner child. This is the child part within us that we brought with us from childhood into […]

Stress snapshot

My 2015 Prediction. What Parents Can Do About This

We cannot know what 2015 will bring for our kids but there are two things I can safely predict. The first is that the stress and pressure facing kids of all ages, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically is highly unlikely to decrease.  On the contrary, chances are that kids will find 2015 to be as […]