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Gratitude is healing

My Gift to You

Today I come to you from a place of great gratitude. You have all been such loyal and committed readers of my blogs and have sent me such heartwarming emails about the successes you are having with my tools.  This means so much to me and I would like to give you all a gift […]

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Just One Question that can Transform Your Life

For many years I consulted to the leaders of companies around the globe empowering them with the leadership style, tools and skills to make the kinds of organizational and leadership changes that would produce greater productivity and profit. These leaders called for my services because they came to the realization that the company was hurting […]

my child is forgetful

My Child is Forgetful: What do I do?

“My child is forgetful! What do I do? How do I discipline them?” Does this sound familiar: your child forgot their lunch at home, or forgot to bring home a note from school. Or your child cannot find their favorite toy, lost their homework assignment, or misplaced their tablet. Everyone is forgetful sometimes. Even as […]

my child is being bullied

My Child is Being Bullied: What To Do

“My Child is Being Bullied.” Bullying is an unfortunate reality in social situations for many children, whether bullying at school, at the playground, or elsewhere. To stop bullying, parents, educators and children need to all coordinate. It takes a community to stop bullying, but a unified front and good education can reduce the occurrences and […]

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What If Your Child’s Diagnosis Goes Away?

I think that when it comes to solving behavior problems in children we have been going about this in a totally misguided way. With diagnostic labels like ADHD, ASD, ODD, depression (to mention just a few of so many), parents have a rationalization or so-called medical explanation for the child’s behavior. Then they seek coaching […]