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How Stress Triggers Defiance

The Real Reason Your Child is ‘Defiant’

The response to my previous article:  5 Tips for Parenting Defiant Children, has been overwhelming. My email box was crammed full of questions and comments.  Today I would like to offer you more tools and tips that will help you and your child shift from being ‘Defiant’ to being Delightful. First let’s do a quick […]


5 Tips for Parenting Defiant Children

So many parents that consult with me are struggling with children with really intense defiant behaviors.  What amazes me is how every parent’s description of these defiant behaviors is almost identical to the other parents. Their questions are also always the same: ‘Why is my child having so defiant and angry?  And what is the […]


You Can’t Help Your Kids Unless 4 Critical Things Happen First

Today’s message is a simple one.  Faced with a child who is grappling with learning or behavior or mood challenges parents most often look outwards for help.  And certainly there are wonderful resources available out there that can play a significant role in helping kids overcome all kinds of issues. But there is no more […]


How Diana and Mike Became Healing Parents

Many of you have been watching the two FREE videos I have made available and today I want to tell you a story that brings these videos to life. The story is about Diana and Mike and their 7 year old son Daniel (names changed). Daniel is extremely negative about everything. He has been this […]

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Two Mistakes that Parents May Unknowingly be Making

I am faced with a huge challenge.  But before I tell you about my challenge let me tell you about my professional goal and then you will understand why I have this challenge. Literally millions of parents around the globe are watching their children struggle with some form of learning or behavior problem and wishing […]